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X2 Logistics Networks is the Leading Professional Network

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About our network

X2 Logistics Networks is not a traditionally run logistics networking group. We offer a professional platform with an active an involved network management looking out for the best interest of X2 members. We are constantly seeking out new opportunities for the group while supporting members in each company's pursuit of growth in revenue and organizational capability.

Member experience

X2 Logistics Networks continually strives to present members with a networking experience like not other. This is an all enveloping mission of the network. Whether it is through a daily visit to this website, interactions with the X2 Team, or attending one of our events like our always spectacular Annual Conference that we always set out to be the greatest logistics networking conference experience of the year. The X2 Experience is not run of the mill but is rooted in professionalism.

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Member support

X2 wants to see it's members succeed from the moment they are announced and introduced to their respective networks. The X2 Team is dedicated to assisting members improve their operations and expand their .marketing reach. We also assist members in finding the right professional partners so all win.

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We are network that is founded on Professionalism. Not only is it a characteristic of our network but each individual member who belongs to it.
Financially Protected
X2 Logistics Networks members are eligible for Financial Protection. We support and protect all members in receiving their due payments.
Full Support
Supporting members is a primary objective of X2 Logistics Networks. We want members to win business and weŗe proud to help them find success.

We are passionate

X2 passion is a shared passion. The members, Network Management, and the X2 Team all hold a shared passion to see X2 Logistics Networks continue to succeed and develop as a collective.
Great Support
X2 members and the X2 Team create a full circle of support.
Friendly Team
The X2 Team is always happy to engage with all X2 members.
Unique Events
X2 creates exceptional alternative logistics networking opportunities.
We support members in obtaining payments and avoid fraud.
The professionalism and organisation shown from the X2 team totally blew us away.
Gary Wilcox
We’re talking about developed multinational or regional distribution. This is where X2… offers the value, the added value and opportunities to the members to compete in the market.
Mourad Aoun
Net Logistics
Richard, and his team at X2 has done a stupendous job of diluting the term “competition” and transformed it into “collaboration.”
Gautam Bhagat
Linkedin Logistics Partners PVT LTD.
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