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It Doesn’t Need to Be Boring!

2:42am on Monday 9th April 2018

Who says business networking, or more specifically, logistics networking conferences need to be boring? The newly released 5th Annual X2 Conference After Movie has not only been filmed and edited in a fresh and fun way but it also exemplifies the same fun and fresh approach X2 Logistics Networks takes to the logistics networking events it hosts.

Event after movies have a reputation for being shrug worthy and serve as bland and dry historical time capsules with cheesy music and slow pans of tables and event halls showing everyone and everything at the event. These dry and bland videos lack the feeling of the event and the personality that comes with the event’s branding. At the end, the viewer who attended the event fails to revisit the same emotions that were felt at the event and those curious about the event are left unimpressed. Rarely does one watch an event video for business networking and want to watch it again let alone be at the next event. Instead viewers want the 5-7 minutes of their life back that were wasted on the video.

As younger generations become the primary demographic for logistics conference videos, the presentation style is in need of change. Gone will be the long interviews and endless series of people talking to each other. To capture interest event videos will need to be more punchy with quick cuts and an air of energy. Think less talking heads and more “You want to be here,” and “Why are you not already here?”

Changes in the industry aren’t limited to only the technology we’ve been reading about daily. We’re seeing a generational change that will also alter how the logistics industry and those in it are presented to the world. Part of this change will be the visual platforms that are used to show how interesting, and maybe even fun, the logistics industry can be.

To see a different type of event after movie of a different type of logistics networking event go to https://youtu.be/6MntAMrbDl0.

The 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 was attended by 400 individuals and was held in Hua Hin, Thailand. The 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 After Movie has had over 450 views at the time of this article’s writing.

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