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1st Stop... Italy: Conquered by X2

5:10am on Tuesday 14th May 2019

Over the past week,  X2 has left their mark in the beautiful country of Italy. Richard & Murray, the great duo, have been meeting with members from different cities in Italy as they embark on the X2 European tour, discussing business but of course having fun and spreading the X2 Love

Milan, Ativole, Genoa, Gorizia & Ravenna were the destinations which Richard & Murray visited during their time in Italy. Always with the purpose and main focus that characterizes X2 Logistics Networks, mixing fun with business. This is the perfect opportunity for Richard & Murray to see and understand how some of our members operate on a daily basis, at the same time members gaining some valuable advice from Richard himself. 

 During the Italian part of the trip, Richard & Murray visited the following member’s offices:

- Stefano’s great team at AirPlus (X2 Cold Chain/X2 Critical)

- Massimo’s team at TEC Cargo offices (X2 Projects)

- Costantino and his team at Win Transport (X2 Critical)

- Roberto & Marco from DAF&CO Logistics  (X2 Cold Chain/X2 Asia Global)

- Davide & G.Mario from Italian Food Logistics (X2 Cold Chain/X2 Asia Global)

- Alessandro and his team at CTI (X2 Elite)

- Giuseppe’s team at Viamar (X2 Elite)

- Finishing off the first leg of the X2 European tour with Mario from Gianesini Erminio (X2 Elite)

This definitely is the perfect start to what is going to be a great trip. Stay tuned for more X2 member visits around Europe!

Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany... They are coming for you!!

Anooj Ravindra
Dolphin Logistics Co., Ltd
The X2 Networks is above and beyond what we could have expected. We have always received good service from our X2 members.
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