X2 Member complete Move for Impresub™

X2 Member complete Move for Impresub™

X2 Projects Member KRS Logistics complete mobilization of diving equipment from UAE to Egypt

The experts at KRS Logistics recently completed moving diving equipment to their clients project site at Egypt. The cargo that was shipped included a wide range of diving and marine equipment like the diver’s resting chambers, boats, divers masks, cables, drums, gas cylinders, diving cage chambers, chamber winches & cranes to name a few.

The scope of work was to pick up the required parcels from the open yard and then loading it on flat racks, lashing, obtaining the lashing certificate, obtaining the road permit to transport to the port, port handling & freight transportation to the destination port.

The dimensions of the cargo were:

  • 2×40’ FR were over 3.50 meter wide
  • 2×40’ FR were over 3.88 meter high and
  • Remaining cargo were just over height to the FR standard measurement.

A move of this caliber would definitely pose some challenges to regular freight forwarders. But the skilled professionals of KRS Logistics were well experienced to handle this move without any problems, as they move IDMC diving equipment to various project sites on a regular basis. The only challenge they faced during the move was , owing to the fact that the Maersk systems had been down during the month of July 2017. And hence they were unable to finalise the freight for over 2 weeks.

The temperature in the Middle East was close to 50 degree Celsius during the day and the KRS team had to work continuously under direct sunlight for hours together.

Even though the cargo found its origin at Italy, the KRS Logistics team initiated their part of the move from IDMC Sharjah, UAE and delivered the cargo to the Sokhna Port, Egypt. Totalling 2, 346 Kilometers.

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About KRS Logistics:

A team of professionals with decades of experience in the Aviation, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, and Transportation industries, operating as a well-coordinated and service oriented team has been the cornerstone of our organization. They strive to deliver top quality, seamless, and highly personalized levels of service in meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers spread across various customer segments.



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