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Although selective the process of membership in X2 Elite is a simple and straight forward process that only requires your participation.
Submit your membership application for review. Prepare any partner references as they may be requested.
After receiving your username and password, login to the website to view rosters and contact fellow X2 Elite members.
Develop Business
Develop Business
Connect with X2 Elite members and grow your business through X2. Don't forget to attend the conference and meet each member personally.
At the office? Delayed flight? Our member sites are based on responsive design, which means you can easily access all X2 information on any device with a screen at all times and from anywhere with a data connection.
The professionalism and organisation shown from the X2 team totally blew us away.
Gary Wilcox
We’re talking about developed multinational or regional distribution. This is where X2… offers the value, the added value and opportunities to the members to compete in the market.
Mourad Aoun
Net Logistics
Richard, and his team at X2 has done a stupendous job of diluting the term “competition” and transformed it into “collaboration.”
Gautam Bhagat
Linkedin Logistics Partners PVT LTD.
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