Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some the frequent questions asked with our answers.
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Does the annual X2 membership fee include financial protection? What is the coverage?

X2 members are financially protected up to 25,000 USD per transaction between network participants and $100,000 collectively across the course of the year.

What is the membership limit per region?

X2 limits the amount of members per market to ensure every member gets their equal share of cargo within the network. This is determined by the size of the market and the trade within that specific country.

X2 offers PR and marketing services, what can we expect from X2?

X2 offers multiple forms of support within PR and Marketing not only through our internal Members News, Bulletins & Social media platforms but also in various media outlets. This allows you to reach more inter-network members and also new external clients for your business.

There are multiple vertical networks within X2, if I join 1 network does this give me access to all of X2 Logistics Networks?

X2 is made up of 6 categories Elite, Projects, Cold Chain, Critical, Asia Global & Movers. Each network is completely separate with a different group of members and their own respective membership fee.

How do you qualify “Trusted and professional global freight forwarding. partners” within X2?

Each prospective member company is required to submit strong commercial references to satisfy the requirements of the management of X2.

It is imperative for you to prove your expertise in your local markets and ensure that you have a positive reputation with other agents and carriers as well as that your company has professional leadership with integrity in order to be enrolled.

Is X2 built up of sea freight specialists or air freight specialists?

X2 is built up of a number of great companies who all have their own identities within their specific markets. All members can undertake both modes of transport but their strong point will come down to their geographical & market location.

Are your members’ details made public and can non-members gain access to X2 member’s details?

The members area is only accessible for members, however if you do have any questions about specific members in certain markets the X2 team will be happy to advise on the current market status

May a company list multiple locations with X2 Logistics Networks?

X2 does accept multiple offices from prospective members this does come at a surcharge per additional office and fall down to availability within that specific market.

Is it mandatory to attend the annual conference?

It isn’t mandatory to attend the X2 annual conference however meeting with the members will only garner better long term results by meeting face to face. Failure to attend more than 3 consecutive conferences will leave your renewal under scrutiny from the X2 management