Our Benefits

Being part of X2 Logistics Networks means having access to freight forwarders
around the world who have knowledge of their local market.

Why choose us?

The key point of membership is to grow your business. By keeping business within the group, X2 Logistics Networks can operate as a unified global identity with working partnerships and the ability to develop new business. As a strong and cohesive group, X2 and its members can promote a brand that can better compete against MNC’s.

We have developed a networking platform to enable independent global logistics companies to link with like-minded and capable partners around the world.

To apply for membership, prospective member companies are required to submit strong commercial references, bank credit ratings, and demonstrate the ability to satisfy the requirements of the X2 Logistics Networks management. To be enrolled companies must prove to have a positive reputation with other agents and carriers and that your company has professional leadership and integrity.

We are committed to running the most professional logistics network in the industry and have stringent standards in place to ensure the best results for each one of our members. In order for us to ascertain your eligibility to join our group, please apply below and include the following details

Member Benefits

Trusted and Professional Freight Forwarding Partners

Financial Protection

Limited Membership Per Market

Free PR/Marketing Opportunities and Services

Professional Assistance with Business Development

Participate in the Annual X2 Conference

Strategic Partnerships

24/7 Customer Service Support

Exclusive Access to Members

Professional and Active Management Team

Quote System Exclusive to Members

Exclusive Tools to Increase Member Interaction

X2 Vendors

X2 Vendors are allowed special access to the full X2 Logistics Networks membership. As a recognized service provider you can showcase your company, your products and capabilities to an audience who understands exactly what you are offering.

X2 members can extract extra value from their membership through X2 Vendors when they choose to take advantage of the services provided by our carefully selected X2 Vendors partners.

X2 Logistics Networks has  1025  Member Offices in  130  Countries in  371  Cities worldwide.

Other Services

X2 Cargo Protect is an all-risk insurance (Institute Cargo Clauses A including war and strike clauses) designed to cover any kind of cargo shipped. It covers standard commodities against accidents and mishandling as well as other unfortunate incident.

X2 Pay is the easiest to use company- to-company financial transaction system that eliminates fees and saves thousands of dollars, euros, and pounds in banking fees.

Use X2 Freight as a tool to plan ahead and proactively identify potential partners before you need them for a shipment. X2 Freight is both an instant search and planning tool.

X2 Global Media is a full service solutions provider delivering dynamic and creative digital media and technology solutions to clients all around the world.

One Monocle is the home of X2 Group's event planners and managers. The One Monocle team has planned, organised, and managed well over 200 events over the course of their careers.

We deliver the kind of experience you expect from a bespoke tailor. Attending an industry event? Expect the delivery of your garments to your hotel before the end of your stay.

Upcoming Conference

X2 is returning to The Beach House for our 7th year of professional networking, emphasizing our unique twist to the tired model of logistics networking. Thousand of 1:1 Meeting slots await for delegates from around the globe.

To learn more about the Annual X2 Conference and how it can help you grow your business, please visit the X2 Conference Website.