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11:33pm on Monday 1st April 2019
6th Annual X2 Conference 2019 Testimonials
Because the 6th Annual X2 Conference couldn't be possible without the attendance to the meetings, positive attitude and good energy of our Members, we feel very grateful about this family, so we want ...
5:39am on Wednesday 27th March 2019
6th Annual X2 Conference - Don't miss out the teaser!
Dearest X2 Members,It's been already 1 month since the 6th Annual X2 Conference happened!! We miss all the laughs, fun, social and business relationships created at the time. We don't want all those m...
2:56am on Tuesday 26th March 2019
Live the Experience. Love Logistics - Cargo Weekend 2019 Teaser
The Cargo Weekend Teaser is out NOW!What a great way to start the 6th Annual X2 Conference by attending the Cargo Weekend! This was the 1st Edition of this exciting festival which was thought by Richa...
3:07am on Wednesday 20th March 2019
Visit X2 Logistics Networks CEO & Founder Richard Overton & General Manager Murray Backhouse at this years Breakbulk Europe in Bremen, Germany.The world’s largest exhibition for the projec...
2:52am on Wednesday 13th March 2019
The Vision Shipping's New Warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone UAE
The Vision Shipping LLC shared with us some fantastic news: As their business is growing, they've expanded to open a new warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone UAE.It's always a pleasure for the company to ...

Herbert Hang
Shanghai SAGA International Freight Forwarding Co. LTD
This is the best network… I feel very well because we have been in other networks in the past 10 years… I feel very confident.
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