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8:43am on Sunday 11th February 2018
Less Than Two Weeks…
The number of days until the 2014 X2 Conference are quickly decreasing, but the anticipation for the event is increasing as the days draw nearer to February 19th, 2014. A look at the One-on-One Schedu...
8:41am on Sunday 11th February 2018
Are You Prepared For The X2 Conference?
The first annual X2 Conference is drawing near and it is time for X2 to continue preparations and for members to begin preparations. This conference will put 100 attendees together in the same venue f...
8:39am on Sunday 11th February 2018
EU Transport Funding
The European Union has allocated a budget of over 6.3 billion euros over the next 6 years to promote “smart, green, and integrated transport” as part of its Horizon 2020 research and innovation pr...
8:37am on Sunday 11th February 2018
Polar Vortex Disrupting American Transportation
This week, a sizable portion of the U.S. Midwest and East experienced extreme and even life threatening cold weather this week. Not only did it make life uncomfortable for those who are accustomed to ...
8:33am on Sunday 11th February 2018
How Do You See The Supply Chain?
A recently published study shows that about 80% of managers do not identify the supply chain as a business strategy enabler. According to researchers, this signals that there is a disconnect between t...

Gary Wilcox
The professionalism and organisation shown from the X2 team totally blew us away.
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