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9:04am on Sunday 11th February 2018
A Short Week
This has been a shortened week for the X2 Team and for our members. A large number of X2 Elite members have had the day off for the May Day holiday on May 1. As the holiday fell on a Thursday, we, as ...
9:02am on Sunday 11th February 2018
X2 Networks On LinkedIn
Some of you have found us already, but I would like to announce that X2 Networks has launched our company page on the business networking site LinkedIn. We are proud to have launched the page and we a...
9:00am on Sunday 11th February 2018
Opportunities For SME Growth
As a network that is composed of SMEs and provides the tools that can help promote the growth of an organization and makes the tools available to compete with multinational corporations in the freight...
8:59am on Sunday 11th February 2018
An Encouraging Week
This has been an encouraging week for X2 Elite. It seems that recently, network participation and involvement by members has seen a significant upswing. Earlier this week we have seen a number of cont...
8:57am on Sunday 11th February 2018
Member Holidays
Lately we have received a requests from members to send out broadcasts to notify the fellow membership about holiday closings.As we are a network of about 100 companies and growing, it has become incr...

Andrew Grima
ICAL International Customs and Logistics PTY LTD.
We found the best way to build trust is to go to the conference and meet with people, talk to them and get to know them.
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