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12:45am on Friday 19th April 2019
Shiftco Shipping & Logistics India Pvt Ltd. and their Social Labor at a School
Our X2 Asia Global and recently joined X2 Projects network member, Shiftco Shipping & Logistics India Pvt Ltd., did a very good social work at a school in need in India.Shiftco and the School's pr...
2:35am on Thursday 11th April 2019
PEKAES opens a new terminal in Kielce
PEKAES,  a leading logistics service provider, has just opened a state-of-the-art distribution terminal in Kielce. After BiaƂystok, this is another facility opened this year that extends the dis...
10:15pm on Thursday 4th April 2019
X2 Logistics Networks at Break Bulk Europe 2019!
May is just around the corner and we are excited to be attending Break Bulk Europe this year.  Feel free to visit our booth which you can use for your meetings with the other X2 Members!! Se...
12:52am on Wednesday 3rd April 2019
The importance of good deeds in the Logistics Industry
Time takes an important part in the logistics business and many essential shipments have to meet deadlines and standards of storage, as substances require to be taken care of in a particular way. This...
11:33pm on Monday 1st April 2019
6th Annual X2 Conference 2019 Testimonials
Because the 6th Annual X2 Conference couldn't be possible without the attendance to the meetings, positive attitude and good energy of our Members, we feel very grateful about this family, so we want ...

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