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Fleetline Shipping's Out of the Box Thinking for OOG Cargo

1:15am on Wednesday 23rd May 2018

X2 Logistics Networks member Fleet Line Shipping in the UAE was asked to rush a shipment of pipes and fittings from Jebel Ali to a project site in Kazakhstan. Some pipes measured over 15 metres in length.

X2 Logistics Networks member Flletline OOG cargo pipes

"Whilst our client was advised by other forwarders and a few carriers to load the same on break bulk method on container ship by using multiple flat bed containers, our project team planned and executed the same on a normal flat rack container with arms up right at the same time made sure lifting points of the container were totally free. All in a normal days work at FLS”. Said Mrinal Kumar of FLS.

In the end the Fleetline Shipping time was able to use their innovative thinking to best help their customer with a successful shipment.

Andrew Grima
ICAL International Customs and Logistics PTY LTD.
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