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Q2 2018 X2 XTRA Issue Released

3:53am on Wednesday 25th July 2018

We published our X2 XTRA issue for Q2 of 2018 and we're happy to see an instantly pleasing response from members. This quarter's issue has the usual range of member news and updates but there are some real standout items. There is an article from X2 Group CEO that explores why X2 takes risks when it organizes networking events and why others in the logistics industry don't, or are without an incentive to innovate. From the members we have the news of Royale International being named the logistics partner of the Premier League's Crystal Palace FC.

Those two articles aren't the only notable articles. There's Phoenician artifacts, a look at the "mystery" of OBC for AOG shipments, and a massive photo spread looking back at previous X2 Annual Conferences in anticipation of what's to come with our just recently announced 6th Annual X2 Conference 2019.

Marketing Platform for Members

The X2 XTRA is one of the best marketing tools available to X2 Logistics Networks members. Article placement is free and you don't need to be perfect in your writing skill. Our creative team will help you draft and prepare your article for insertion into our magazine. All we need from you is the basic information and (ideally) some photos.

Why is the X2 XTRA good besides having free article placement? It's published for the public and can be accessed by anyone in the world. Who knows, it might be one of your potential customers reading this issue right now, and you're not in it!

If you're an X2 member this is a MUST DO for your marketing both inside and outside of the network.

Check this issue and past issues out on ISSUU.

Kehinde Arowoselu
Koeman Nigeria Limited
Once you are part of X2, you are on the right track and good to go.
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