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Successful Thailand-South Korea Connection for Project Shipment

2:04am on Monday 10th September 2018

X2 member Best Global Logistics in Thailand was in need of support for a project shipment from South Korea to Thailand, and in order to find the right partner for the job,  X2 was ready to support.

Best Global Logistics President/CEO Stefan Van Der Sluys contacted the X2 Membership Services Team requesting a project shipment capable company within the group. Shawn from the X2 Team handled the request and put Stefan and recommended our South Korean X2 Projects member D.W.S. & T. 

The two companies did successfully pair up for the shipment; which was already complex but that that complexity was compounded by a typhoon. The planning for the shipment took several weeks for planning and verifying L/C conditions. The typhoon weather also created further delay. 

Just last week crates were loaded on the vessel successfully and now the shipment is bound for Bangkok, Thailand and to a happy Best Global Logistics customer. Stefan Van Der Sluys said of the Korean support, "Our gratitude goes out to Miyoung who worked tirelessly with the BGL team to get the right solution for this order and handle it professionally."

It's great to see X2 Logistics Networks members working together and the X2 Team is always ready to support in helping members connect.

Alan Langdon
Woodland Global Ltd.
This is the first network that we have been involved in… we are totally behind the values and objectives…
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