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Farasoobar Moves 257 Pieces of Construction Equipment

11:25pm on Wednesday 31st October 2018

X2 Elite member in Iran, Farasoobar, recently handled a shipment for one of their VIP customers. The shipment was a total of 257 construction trucks that were to be transported for the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.

In total Farasoobar arranged the transport of 1157 tons of equipment from Shanghai, China where the equipment was loaded aboard a ship bound for Bandar Abbas, Iran. After being unloaded upon reaching port in Iran, the trucks were then transported to their final destination in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Due to the size and shape of the construction equipment, the stuffing and securing of each unit was a challenge for the shipment. Loading and unloading was also an anticipated challenge, but was overcome with some careful planning.

Tony Coker
Express Handling Services
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