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ISLINE - Interview With Eitan Lanel

9:29am on Tuesday 16th October 2018

ISLINE pride themselves in providing cutting edge technologies to its clients and partners and it's over more than 3 decades experience in freight forwarding business. Let's hear more about their story on my 1:1 interview with their Pharma &Time Critical Division Manager - Eitan Lanel.

How long have you been in the freight forwarding business?

EL - I started my career in 2006 in a medium Time Critical Solutions provider in Israel.

How did you get into the freight and logistics industry?

EL - From an early age my mother worked as an export coordinator for a local company.

What are the current difficulties or challenges you are facing in your country when it comes to shipping?

EL - Here in the Middle East there is always the risks of conflicts which has a tremendous effect on shipping and AF lanes.

For customs clearance in your country, any advice or guidelines you can provide to your future partners?

EL - The Israeli customs has gone through a tremendous change on moving forward to the 21st century by launching the local world gate system which allows an easier access for importers but in the same time giving the authorities better control on import to Israel. My best advice is: always make sure to check with your local partner about the paperwork before moving forward.

If you can change anything about the freight forwarding industry, what would it be?

EL - I sure would reduce the reliance on the human factor to minimize the room for errors. Our shipments go through at least 15 different hands each time and no matter how good you may be, we need to assess and reduce the probability of human error.

What advice would you give to a person who is considering a career in a freight forwarding industry?

EL - To be sure he is "up to it". This is a demanding industry with constant changes which requires a lot from a person both professionally and personally.

What is something you would like to us to know about your company?

EL - Here in ISLINE our motto is "providing service, taking responsibility" and this is much more than a motto. We make sure that each of our clients and partners get the same personal service with the latest technology updates (from website to a special app with easy access up until supplier pre-check).

Please tell us about your company. Where are your headquarters and when did you first establish the company?

EL - ISLINE was founded in 1986 by Mr. Reuven Hershkovitch. From one small branch in central Tel Aviv, the company has grown extensively and today operates six branches in addition to the main office in the Lod Industrial District with more than 120 employees.

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