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Serra International Celebrating 100 years

3:45am on Monday 11th March 2019


 “Serra International”


Today Flying High!


Celebrating 100 Years


Outstanding Project Transportation Services


Its Valued Customers


Serra’s Great History and Experience

Together with

A Special Team of Experts

Dedicated to the Same Historic

“Goals” of total “Customer Satisfaction”


Excellent Service and Integrity

Are still the driving Principles of Serra International

As it starts its’ next 100 years



Serra International  who celebrates in 2019

 Its 100 years of  Project Forwarding

 arranged the transportation of three specially upgraded

AH-1 Cobra Attack helicopters, through  the Port of Jacksonville,

using the  special  roro cargo berth at Blount Island Marine Terminal,  


The 3 aircrafts  are part of a group of helicopters that first

moved through JAXPORT beginning in 2015.

The Cobra modification  took place in  a

facility  at Huntsville Alabama

where they were upgraded, with state-of-the-art technology.


These”” Military Machine gun helicopters “”are

 50 feet in length, weigh more than 7,000 pounds apiece

and are worth  above $10 million each.

The aircraft are on their way back to the Middle East

for use by a U.S. government and its ally in the region.


Cobras  were flown in onto Horizon Terminal Services’

where the company’s stevedores loaded the aircraft

onto  special Hydraulic  wheels before

 towing  them onto the Höegh Autoliners ro/ro

 vessel Höegh Antwerp which sailed on schedule

 Jan 19 with a seamless  prefect operation.

The New Jersey-based freight forwarder and Customs broker

Serra International, Inc. Project Global Director  James Zino

 Head up this Project  and oversaw the  entire  Transportation move

Which will continue with the fly out on arrival Middle East Country

Anooj Ravindra
Dolphin Logistics Co., Ltd
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