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ap&m Europe 2019. Aviation Professionals on board!

5:39am on Thursday 6th June 2019

ap&m Europe

5-6 June 2019

Frankfurt, Germany



The aviation industry is recently showing some challenges in the financial and operational matters; despite that, the industry is still expected to record its 10th consecutive year of profits since the financial crisis. During this time it’s important to build connections and meet other potential business partners in the field to be able to cooperate together and the efforts can have a valuable outcome.

ap&m Europe was the perfect event to meet all those professionals focused in the aviation industry. Radius Logistics UK, Maurice Ward & Co., GAC Services & Jag UFS were some of our members present at the event. We want to thank everyone for sharing with us their meetings and experiences.

More members are getting interest on attending such events, the reason?: More opportunities to network, more business and more meet ups with other X2 Members! Just let us know if you’ll be attending future events and we will arrange the rest for you. See below the members that joined ap&m Europe 2019:

- Radius Logistics UK Ltd. Colnbrook, UK  (X2 Elite, Movers)           

- Maurice Ward & Co. Ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria (X2 Elite)

- GAC Services (UK) Ltd. Aberdeen, UK (X2 Critical, Cold Chain)

- JAG-UFS (Intl) Ltd. Heathrow, UK (X2 Elite, Projects)

Don’t forget to visit our Events & Conference website to learn more about the upcoming conferences in the Industry: https://www.x2logisticsnetworks.com/events




Nils Wittorf
V.Alexander Transport Systems GMBH
"We believe in limiting memberships to a minimum and have found our home for projects as well as general cargo within the X2 family."
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ap&m Europe 2019. Aviation Professionals on board!

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