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Shiftco Shipping & Logistics: Contributing in the Logistics Domain

5:12pm 18th September 2019





Logistics companies render the greatest support to the industries and other companies in the flow of goods and services. There is a multitude of complex operations involved in the transportation and storage, which are accomplished quite easily with the support of Logistics Industries. SHIFTCO SHIPPING & LOGISTICS INDIA PVT LTD excels the arena and offers incredible logistics and freight forwarding services. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Gopi.R. 

Shiftco Shipping and Logistics is a freight forwarding and logistics company with a highly integrated network of personnel, technology, and physical resources. The company offers superior end to end logistic solutions.

The Company entails the clientele that ranges in size from small entrepreneurial organizations to large companies. Their customers are engaged in a wide range of industries, which includes manufacturing, industrial, retail, technology, aerospace, commercial, life sciences, education, construction, and government sectors. In addition, they serve third-party logistics providers, who themselves serve a multitude of customers and industries.

For ensuring the trust of clients over the Company, they adhere to their core principles and remain true to their ethos. 

“We leave no stone unturned to deliver the commitment we have made to our clients and provide services beyond our clients’ expectations.” ~ Gopi.R.

Extraordinary customer relationship, responsiveness, and honesty empower them to sustain the strongest association with the client base

FLUCTUATIONS IN THE MARKET TRENDS: Shiftco Shipping and Logistics are very judicious in recognizing the imparities in the business and regulating their costs, ensuring the excellence of delivery and service to guarantee that their clients are contented and their logistic demands are met.

Research and development is the crucial process, and it invigorates the future of any business establishment to be a pioneer in its line of enterprise. The characteristic of R&D is as essential as service ethics or compliance is for them as a logistics company.

TRANSFORMATION FOR STARTUPS: There is an unprecedented increase in startups happening these days.  The major impetus for startups is the aid given by the government, and its schemes are helping businesses to grow.  There are many futuristic ideas which are replacing the old school of thought, conception, and methodologies. Automation & upright culture have played an enormous part in business advancement.

WHAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT? Skilled workforce, service-driven culture, and personalized solutions for managing the client’s equipment are the factors that provide them a competitive edge. They pledge to deliver the value and principled practices, which empowered them to become a credible merchandizing partner with major vendors. 

“We at Shiftco Shipping & Logistics feel that struggle is a part and parcel of every success story. Now, before one concludes anything, it is important to understand that success is not a destination but a journey. We had our highs and lows, successes and failures. We took our failures and turned them into lessons to be learned from”. ~Gopi.R.

GLANCE AT THE PERSONAL LIFE: The maestro has perfectly balanced his personal and professional life. Travelling to exotic places and meeting new people interest him. Gopi.R spends a great deal of time listening and watching motivational speeches. Reading books on Personality Development inspires him to bring positive changes in his persona.

Gopi. R considers his father as the stupor of inspiration. He had worked his whole life as an employee and given in many ways a supporting hand to create employers.

Umpteen number of people are the entrepreneur’s inspiration. He has imbibed qualities from all the greatest legends. Some of the qualities that he has seen in them and those that he has inculcated in him are dedication, uniqueness, compliance to their ethos, and forbearance in all the situations.

“My zeal is soaring progressively. I feel that each day has something in store for me to learn. Each lesson that I learn offers me the scope to develop myself personally and thereby helps me in taking our enterprise to bigger levels.” ~Gopi.R

SOCIAL CONTRBUTION: As part of the corporate social responsibility, they had undertaken a community service in April 2019 at a government school by planting trees, cleaning the precincts of the school, color washing the school, and distribution of gifts. They are associated with a few non-governmental organizations that aid in ameliorating the social and economic condition of the less privileged. 

INTIATIVES OF PRESENT GOVERNMENT: Start UP India, Digital India and Make in India are some of the programs that the present government have initiated. With respect to their industry, rationalizing of the tax reforms is a major change consequently bringing about minimized administrative expenditure.

UNFURLING THE FLAG OF ACHIEVEMENTS AND MILESTONES: The company has come a long way and entrenched a phenomenal uniqueness for itself within the country and globally. Shiftco Shipping was awarded as the ‘Fastest Growing Logistics Company of the year 2018’ by EXIM INDIA on 29th June 2018 at ITC Grand Chola Sheraton, Chennai. 

Future looks brilliant and aspiring. Experiences from the past will offer them avenues for growth in the near future. With the increased demands for shipping and the growth of e-commerce, they envisage a wonderful future for their company.

FOR THE READERS: “Business Connect is one of the best business magazines I have come across. The magazine deals not only with big brands but also values burgeoning entrepreneurs. Thus, the best way to be connected to the business world is only through reading the Business Connect magazine, so I would urge the readers to continue reading this magazine.” ~Gopi.R